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Our Craft

From Field to Fizz

Great sodas start with great ingredients.  We’ve learnt a lot about producing soft drinks in the past couple of years, but if we were to take one lesson away it would be just that.  So that’s why we source incredible ingredients straight from the field, working with the best farmers in the country to source the best and freshest natural produce for our sodas.  On our mission to make drinks that help you live a life free from the bland, the boring and the artificial, we’ve got a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to our sodas.  We take two ingredients that we love, source them straight from the field, and build a refreshing drink that balances them perfectly. 

Passing under bespectacled eye and through discerning hand, we process everything manually, chopping, pressing and squeezing as much goodness from our raw ingredients.  Processed minimally, they retain their natural colours, flavours and aromas, steaming up our spectacles and filling our kitchen with the most wonderful smells.  Once we’ve broken down our fresh fruits and vegetables, we steep overnight with our botanical ingredients, providing our signature depth of flavour.  As they cool, we blend with a touch of organic cane sugar, enough to give the soda body but not so much as to overpower our fantastic ingredients, before finishing with our acidic juices and vinegars, providing that fresh finish at the end of our drinks.

We then blend with spring water and chill down nice and cold ready to force carbonate.  We carbonate a little lighter than other soft drinks, just enough to enhance the natural aromas in the drink and provide a little mouth feel.  Once fizzy, we preserve our sodas only with warmth, bottling them up and heating to kill any nasties that would dare cause off flavours.

Our bottling process has taken us two years to develop properly, combining an overarching simplicity with a relentless attention to the finest of details.  We’re pretty damn proud of the fact that it doesn’t contain any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, for the simple reason that they make drinks terrible.  No concentrate or artificial flavour can come close to the cascade of  flavour you get from freshly pressed English cucumber juice, adding preservatives would simply obscure that malic acid freshness you get from Yorkshire rhubarb, and adding any other sweetener than organic cane sugar would leave more than a bad taste in your mouth.