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Kitsch | All Natural Craft Soda Handcrafted in Edinburgh
Handcrafted in Edinburgh, we make all natural craft soda.
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Hello.  We’re Kitsch and here are some things that we believe.  Basically, for too long soft drink shelves have been dominated by bland and boring businesses with little regard for taste, ethics, the environment and really-really importantly, what they put in their drinks.  We’d rather like to change all this.  Using the best natural ingredients we can find, we make soda with a little craft and some care and attention.  What’s more, we bottle them up in packaging that’s fully recyclable and try not to hurt anyone in the process.  If you’re looking for any artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, concentrates or indeed anything boring, then you’re pretty much in the wrong place.

Life at Kitsch

When things happen around here, we tend to write them down, then scribble them out and write them down again spelled properly with all the punctuation in the right places.  The more coherent thoughts end up in our blog, which is both an important form of catharsis for us, and a chance for you to discover the inner workings of our soda works.

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